Gaby Weckering, Raymond Streicher , Isabelle Oberlé, Marcel Schmit, Joé Leyder, Luc Tandel, Conny Engel, Véronique Probst, Nathalie Bintener, Angela Kirchens,  Isabelle Azzolin, Alasdair Grierson, Phillippa Probyn, Chantal Schaul, Sonja Weiller, Hanna Durczewska, Ilda Da Silva Cardoso


English theatre option for classes of 3, 2e, 1re

The possibility to act in English has been offered to LCD students since 2007.
For 5 years British director Tony Kingston rehearsed long and short plays with students from all classes willing to stay on after school.

In 2011 the principal of our school, M. Robert Bohnert, gave us the possibility to integrate the English theatre workshop into option classes for 3e, 2e and 1re students.

On Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday afternoons our expert Tony Kingston teaches speaking and acting skills through improvisation work and acting exercises. Students read and try out extracts from various plays before finally deciding on the most suitable one for the group to perform at the end of the year.
Besides considerably improving students’ fluency in the English language and self-confidence, this course encourages active participation, team work, creativity and improvisation: in small groups students generate ideas in the rehearsal and contribute their own ideas regarding set design, costume and staging of the play they are going to perform.

In 2020 the English Theatre Group with performers from the LCD’s Ire classes will present:

4 a.m. by Jonathan Dorf

Performance times: Saturday, 8th March at 21.30 at the Centre Culturel in Mersch and Sunday, 15th March at 7 p.m. at the LCD (salle Robert Bohnert)

In 2019  the 1re show is on Sunday, 31st March . 2e and 3e drama option classes will perform on 16th June (19 hrs)  

Place: Salle Robert Bohnert (AB).

Class performances will be on 27th March and 17/18th June 2019


















For more information relating to next year’s English drama option classes (3e and 2e), contact .


 A level literature 

Macbeth (William Shakespeare)To Kill a Mockingbird (Harper Lee)
Handmaid’s Tale (Margaret Atwood)The Importance of Being Earnest (Oscar Wilde)

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Common mistakes

The following document comprises some of the most common mistakes made by Luxembourg students of English on the levels of IIe and Ie and should aim at helping them prepare their tests and exams to their own and their teachers’ satisfaction.


English literature

  • Macbeth – William Shakespeare

A detailed commentary on ‘Macbeth’ for 5th and 6th form classes:

  • The English Patient – Michael Ondaatje

Vocabulary compiled by Raymond Streicher and Marc Weis, English teachers at the Lycée Classique de Diekirch, Luxembourg.The page references for the following vocabulary refer to the Bloomsbury Paperback Edition, ISBN 0 7475 7259 3