The students will familiarize themselves with current environmental problems by watching a scientific documentary, after which they will question their own consumption pattern and calculate their own environmental footprint. In a presentation the results of the participating countries will be compared. Afterwards they will start looking for ways to reduce their own environmental footprint, especially with regard to food. Farm visits will help them discover different agricultural methods. Furthermore, they will go to the European Parliament to get insight in the EU’s Agricultural Policy. They will also talk to these MEP’s about the EU’s agricultural choices. Besides that they will visit several supermarkets and smaller shops to compare the sustainability of food items. In conclusion, with their new acquires knowledge they will put together an environmentally friendly meal. They will write recipes and cook these dishes for our school’s students and teachers.

Day 1, Monday, 26th November 2017

The first day all students and teachers met in the theater, to get to know one another through ice breaking activities and to get some ideas related to the topic of the program introduced.

In the OLC, students gave short presentations and introduced their homework assignments, i.e. food problems in their country, agriculture, sustainability and their impressions on the short films “An Inconvenient Truth” and “An Inconvenient Sequel” by Al Gore.

After this students did a quiz to determine their own food profile ( and participated in a workshop organized by Studio GLOBO, got afterwards into mixed-nationality groups and discussed different aspects on food waste, food chains, injustice, dominance of large food producers, political influence, etc. and created presentations while discussing possible solutions.

At the end of the day Students and teachers did a quiz about food, the water footprint etc.


Day 2, Tuesday, 27th November 2017

Students completed tasks with extracts of the movie “Tomorrow”: They collected impressions, figured out their personal interests and concerns about the topic and thought about possibilities to make changes concerning sustainability at home and at school.

Students discussed ideas and possibilities on making sustainable meals in view of the walking dinner planned on Thursday, 29th November 2017.

In small working groups questions were discussed and written down to ask Bart Staes, member of the European Parliament (green party), on Wednesday, 28th November 2017 while visiting the European Parliament in Brussels.

In the afternoon students and teachers visited an ecological goat farm in Dilsen-Stokkem.


Day 3, Wednesday, 28th November 2017

In the morning students and teachers met at the railway station in Neerpelt to take a train to Brussels to visit the EuropeanParliament and afterwards they were supposed to role play in the “Parlamentarium”. In the morning the visit of the European Parliament ( took place and the students had the possibility to discuss and debate with Bart Staes ( and ask some questions they prepared on Tuesday, 27th November 2017.

All participants had lunch at EXKI (, a food chain that works with organic and sustainable food.

In the afternoon a role play was planned in the “Parlamentarium”, but due to an overbooking, plans had to be changed and students and teachers visited the HOUSE OF EUROPEAN HISTORY (


Day 4, Thursday, 29th November 2017

In the morning students followed a presentation about sustainable food led by VELT and got prepared to cook a walking dinner for about 75 invitees/guests. Different mixed-nationality groups worked on different tasks during the day (cooking, Exhibition about the program of the whole week, etc.).


Day 5, Friday, 1st December 2017

Students and teachers met at the school and the students prepared a quiz for a group of students of the hosting school which took place during lunch time. They also distributed food of the walking dinner they prepared the day before. Afterwards students and teachers evaluated the Neerpelt activity and then got back home.