As most of our communication is online, using phones or PCs on social networks, it is vital everybody knows some basic rules for on-line safe communication. Also, due to the accessibility of internet, the bullying and discrimination phenomena reached huge dimensions and are more complex. We believe people must know how to react in case of bullying, protect others and limit it. We want to contribute to educating people on this topics and create some instruments for anyone interested, combining the experience and different backgrounds of 5 European schools with the same interests and priorities that started an eTwinning similar project.


  • Raise awareness of the bullying and discrimination
  • Create a support group for the discriminated, disadvantaged or bullied ones
  • Improve the communication abilities and language skills of participants
  • Educate: how to react in case of bullying or discrimination, detecting fake news, safe use of social communication platforms
  • Create materials which can be used by other schools or communities to limit the effects of fake news and of discrimination
  • Improve the language skills of the teachers, the team work skills for both students and teachers and use ICT to improve cooperation
  • Promote the understanding of different cultural heritages

Participating schools:

Colegiul National Gheorghe Vranceanu, Bacau, Romania

Colegio Salesiano San Miguel Arcángel , Madrid, Spain

Opshtinsko osnovno ucilishte Koco Racin,Kratovo, North Macedonia

Pyörön koulu , Kuopio, Finland

Lycée classique de Diekirch, Diekirch, Luxembourg

Recent activities:

Visit of the exhibition Gleef dat net

International meeting in Kratovo (North Macedonia)

International meeting in Romania